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March 2017

A Toddler’s Tokyo: There’s Wasabi in my Play Kitchen

March 19, 2017

Mom’s been hogging all the blog space since we got here to Tokyo and I am sure it’s all with boring adult stuff, so I thought I would tell you about my life.

One of my favorite things about living here is that everyone LOVES me. Sounds self- centered I know. But I am a toddler so that’s pretty normal I have heard. Most people we pass smile and wave. They also talk to me. One of the first words I learned here was かわいい (kawaii: cute). Actually at first I thought my name had changed in this new place because that was what everyone was calling me. They also said some other things and then mom would smile and nod which seemed to confuse the people taking to me. Later she starting answering them when she figured out they were

asking questions. Here are the 2 main things they say:

“目が青いですねー!” (me ga aoi des ne? : she has blue eyes doesn’t she?)


“なんさいですか?” (nan sai des ka?: how old?)

I get asked these questions on the elevator, in the store, in the train, in the park, everywhere. And I love it.

Do you want to know what my day looks like? It’s pretty exciting so l’ll tell you.

I get up to mom seeming always slightly frantic getting me my breakfast, packing my lunch and extra clothes in a bag, packing her lunch and books, and filling out my book for hoikuen (day care). Then she straps me to her with her bag and mine and we’re off. This part of the day is usually one of my favorites. We get to get on the train with TONS of people. Like people everywhere – so close I can reach out and grab the straps on their bags or touch their arms. Mom doesn’t seem to love when I do that but the people around me usually think it’s hysterical. They all seem pretty sad when I get there but I see it as my personal responsibility to brighten their day. And I am AWESOME at this. [Below is a picture of us in the rain because commutes don’t care about the weather.]

Then I go to my day care with all my friends. The ladies there are so fun and I have lots of friends. It’s strange, though. They use all different words than we use at home. At home when I was finished eating mom would say “all finished” and I would wave my hands jazz-hand style. Here they say ごちそうさま (gochisousama) and I am supposed to hold my hands together like I am clapping without the clapping part. They are pretty serious about it and didn’t let me get up to play until I did it so I picked it up pretty quick. Now we say it at home too. So confusing.

Mom comes and picks me up after her school and she always looks a little tired but gets so pumped when she sees me run to her at the door. My adult friends at day care fill out the same book mommy does with how many times I pooped, what I ate, my temperature, how happy I was, how long I napped, and a bunch of notes about what I played. It seems to be a lot of over share and I would prefer them not talking about the pooping part or how I don’t eat my vegetables but oh well. Mom has to write the same things every night so I guess it’s only fair.

My favorite days, though, are when I get to hang out with my best friend Eimi all day. Guys, she is the jam. I almost never cry when we are hanging out and we do super fun stuff like go shopping and going to the park. She always laughs at my jokes and therefore I think she is awesome. She uses the same words that my friends at day care use so it helps me understand them. [Here is me with Eimi and her friends. She even invited me to Girl’s Night! I mean, it was at my own house, but still.]

I love my new home, but I don’t always like it.

Here are some examples of the things that I find not so very fun. [And below is a picture illustrate my not-so-happy feelings. I don’t list it, but I am not a fan of dressed up people or robots, either. And there seem to be a lot of those here, too.]:

⁃ The first few days of day care. Remember when I talked about those different words? Well they were super frustrating those first few days and I was pretty sad. I think mommy was sad too and we both cried a lot. But now I know all those words AND the ones we use at home so when she drops me off I just smile and wave bye. Oh yeah, they make me wave bye. I can’t just play and ignore the fact that mom is leaving although sometimes she slips out anyways. Not sure how my adult friends feel about that.

⁃ If I have to be on the train in my stroller for a long time. Like on Saturdays and Sundays when we go on outings. I pretty much force mom and dad to feed me endless fun snacks to keep me happy. Good idea, huh? I know, I’m brilliant at this toddler thing.

For now that’s about all I can think of. I recently figured out that walking everywhere is my total fave and I start a new day care in a few weeks, so I’ll check back in later and let know how things are going! [Left: me and mom with a Setsubun Festival gift from Dad’s teacher. Right: eating onigiri – fish wrapped in rice wrapped in seaweed – at my favorite park.]



Emerie from Tokyo (エメリー)