The Need

The Japanese people are one of the largest unreached groups in the world. Less than 0.5% of Japanese people here profess to be followers of Christ. Even further, most have very little knowledge of or interaction with Christianity in their daily lives. The majority of people will live their entire lives never having met a Christian, never hearing the hope that the gospel brings, never hearing of their being made in God’s image, never hearing of their true worth and dignity, and certainly never hearing of the creator God who loved them enough to offer his Son to make atonement and provide hope for this life and the next.

The Church

What the Church is endeavoring to accomplish here in Tokyo is to create safe, loving, and attractive places for people to meet Christians, hear the life-changing message of the gospel, and find true community within the body of the local church where they are truly valued and loved and where they can taste and see the risen Christ. The beautiful culture of community among the Japanese makes the centrality of the church all the more important in this context. And our team’s goal is to do just that—emphasizing the primacy of the church and helping foster this community to be one that winsomely displays the love of Christ to a beautiful, hurting city.

MTW’s Tokyo Center Team

Our team currently partners with three churches here in city center Tokyo. In Toyosu (Tokyo Waterfront), we work closely with pastor Seima Aoyagi to bring the gospel to the rapidly growing waterfront area through a church planting movement. In central Tokyo, we work with Grace City Church and pastor Makoto Fukuda, helping reach Tokyo’s central business district through the arts and communicating the gospel for those in the workplace. And in Shinagawa (southern-central Tokyo), we work with New Community Church and Pastor Drew Cho to establish a community of grace near one of the principal transportation hubs of the city. Our team’s prayer is that three areas and future sites would be FILLED with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea (Hb 2:14). And then, out of this “filling,” there would be a great pouring over into all other parts of Tokyo, Japan, and the rest of the world.